Corona Virus Tips | Is It A Man Made Virus / From Bats?

coronavirus tips united states
Source : bbc

There are only few things you need to be really careful about and be safe until the vaccine is out.

coronavirus tips qatar


  • Try to stay home, only go out if necessary( to buy groceries & important supplies / to doctor ).
  • Try to keep a safe distance.
  • Do not forget wash you hands often.
  • When you cough, try to cover.
  • If you feel like you are sick- Call helpline as fast as you can.
  • Try to force your hands to stay away from you face.
Source : bbc

At least do these please, it is for your own and others safety as well. I thought 2020 would be a year for myself and a lot of others life would become better but here we are – an year which will be remembered as the ‘Corona year’ – 2020 will be remembered for sure.

Hmm ! I pray for you all and your family to be safe. And May God, help us to be safe and find a cure to it as soon as possible.

corona virus tips qatar
Source : aljazeera

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