About Me

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Hah-aha ! So its like you want to know more about me. You might be wondering who is this guy and all his recipes looks so so, I dunno. If its like that? Let’s get started. I’m Mufeed, born in India but brought up in Qatar. I do not know whether i will update my about me, so when it comes to my age let it be my DOB – 16/07/1993. Well, I’m very passionate about food, traveling for food, experiencing and creating my own.

I started this blog on 26/12/2019, just after the Christmas LOL !. This is to show my love for food, eating and cooking.

I’m not a chef, but i do train my self in my home kitchen. I use Microwave and a Mug to make the meals.

Why Micro Mug?
Why do i use only Microwave and a Mug?. Well, it came to my mind when i thought about the things that i faced during my academic life.
Need to be under budget , got limited stuffs and need to satisfy hunger as well.

Micro Mug is the best way to stay under budget and also eat what ever you feel like, make it your own way.

The Cons of Microwave and Mug –

Not always the looks are so appealing

That’s the only thing i have to say, rest all its superb. If you think am kidding you should try them out and let me know.

All my Mug recipes are explained in my videos,so please do subscribe and support as much as you can.

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcUM2_8Uu8FYQY-8M248oLg

*All the photos and videos are shot using One plus.And i am not so a professional photographer or a writer. So do apologize if i make any mistakes.

Let’s build something together.